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I. Pastoral Care of Migrants

The booklets for the Pastoral Care of Migrants from the Office for Immigrant Affairs & Immigration Education of the Archdiocese of Chicago is an effort to facilitate the training of parish groups that desire to commit to assisting and serving their immigrant brothers and sisters.  

The program, which consists of a series of eight (8) booklets, touches essential topics from the Church’s Social Doctrine in reference to immigration using the traditional method of See-Judge-Act (here it is called Listen, Learn, Proclaim). It reflects on issues from the perspective of the social reality, Scripture, current theology, and the doctrine of the Church. In the Proclaim section, reflections are offered on the leadership of the Church and society. The sessions are framed in a context of prayer.

The first booklet is dedicated to a general overview on the Pastoral Care of Migrants. It is followed by the six sessions and the program concludes with a book of liturgies and prayers.  The booklets are currently available in Spanish only.

The booklets are produced by:

Archdiocese of Chicago; Hispanic Ministry Resource Center - Claretian Publications; National Catholic Council for Hispanic Ministry (NCCHM).

To order booklets or or more information contact:

Office of Immigrant Affairs and Immigrant Education
Achdiocese of Chicago
3525 South Lake Park Ave., Chicago, IL. 60653-1402
tel: (312) 534-8103 • fax: (312) 534-3459 •



II. Multi-Language Ministries

America's Immigrants Need God's Word in their Heart Language

Reaching the non-English-speaking communities living in the United States of America is at the heart of the mission of the American Bible Society. The diverse language groups represented by these communities each need tools and resources to engage Scripture in their heart language. Multi-Language Ministries has begun to address these needs with a five year plan to develop Bible engagement materials for the six top langauges spoken in the United States.

For more information contact:

American Bible Society