Amigos de Jesús 2018

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Amigos de Jesús is a bilingual catechetical resource based on the Lectionary. In reproducible handouts, the program includes weekly:

 two (2) pages for children with reflections and activities based on the gospel reading for the day;

 two (2) pages to guide catechists on the use of the materials;

The method used in this program is based on the model “See-judge-act”. Catechists and families are encouraged to start from real life and real experiences and situations to be enlightened by the readings of the day.

The third part of the method encourages personal and community prayer and commitment to discipleship. There is always an invitation, in the children’s page to make concrete commitments related to their own reality as reflected and prayed upon.

The children’s page includes activities that reinforce what they learned as well as encourage them to use both languages.

  • The catechist page presents a step-by-step method for each lesson.
  • Although it does not follow specific grade levels,  Amigos de Jesús can be used as a complement of programs or as the basis for the Liturgy of the Word with children from the age of 5 to 10.

       See what Archbishop José Gómez says about Amigos de Jesús

What is Amigos de Jesús and how to use it:

This presentation will guide you through how to effectively use this catechetical resource. Also watch our promotional video and please feel free to share both resources with other catechists!

Resources for Catechists:

The Hispanic Ministry Resource Center provides useful resources in Power Points for the formation of catechists, supplements for teaching and other diverse ministries. Some of them, such as the Stations of the Cross, Posadas, or Lenten traditions, can be used with children or community groups. Others such as the church documents simplified or the reflection on the Liturgy of the Word with Children are applicable to catechists’ formation programs or parish leaders.

  • Power Points for children
  • Power Points for catechists
  • Power Points for diverse parish or diocesan community groups
  • Children prayer cards for download and reproducing


How to explain Las Posadas to the children

Liturgy of the Word


Ash Wednesday

Way of the Cross

In Aparecida

Prayer Cards for Children