¡OYE! is a yearly free discernment guide that transmits a dynamic message of the calls of God in the lives of young people. ¡OYE! encourages young people to consider the ways in which they might be called, whether they be in a lay commitment, marriage and Christian family life, or the priesthood or religious life. Each article comes with questions to reflect on one's own experiences and to answer the challenges presented.

Games and dynamics to share with youth groups, models for life, statistics on the life situations of Hispanics in this country, and reflections form part of the contents of this publication.

¡OYE!'s website (oyemagazine.org or revistaoye.org) includes each of the printed articles, new articles, blogs, and videos, as well as daily reflections on the Daily readings, saints, faith and cultural materials, reflections for difficult situations, liturgical sections and much more.


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