Welcome to HMRC

Welcome to the Hispanic Ministry Resource Center!

Although we have a lifespan of over 20 years, today, at the beginning of this New Year, we have much more energy and enthusiasm for this task. Over the years the Hispanic Ministry Resource Center has grown, not only in the number and volumes of publications, but in areas we consider to be much more important: in contacts, personal relationships with many of you, collaboration, and commitment.  We have tried to listen to the growing needs many of you have expressed, and we have strived to also listen to the large Hispanic community, soon to be a majority in the Catholic Church in the United States.

This new website that we are presenting seeks to reflect that rich variety of shared experiences throughout the entire country, by means of our best known publications including: Nuestra Parroquia, El Momento Católico, Amigos de Jesús and ¡Oye!, as well as the new materials that complement and update these publications such as the Prayer of the Faithful, Updates of the Sunday Reflections, a restructuring of El Momento Católico so that is can be more useful to adult formation groups or RCIA classes, Powerpoint presentations, prayers, prayer cards for children, and much more.

As a communications network among many agents of Hispanic ministry on a national level, we also wish to reflect the great wealth of collaboration with other institutions, which is represented in our new projects such as the series of informative booklets for Immigrant Ministry in the Archdiocese of Chicago, RESPETO, a new leadership project for teens that will be completed shortly, as well as other initiatives to be launched soon and announced in this website as they are completed.  

We hope that this space dedicated to communication, conversation, and resources is of great value and usefulness to each and every one of you. We hope, above all, that it represents a strong commitment to our Hispanic Catholic community and that God himself, with whose work we collaborate, bear abundant fruit to the labor of our hands that are joined together.

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